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The Coming Storm...


by Lynn McClintock-Borich - 1997 

Sometimes in the mirror 
I see the young girl 
I once was. 
In my eyes I see 
the passion, the desire for you 
that has not diminished. 
Swelling like the waves 
building before the storm. 
Could such love drown you? 

Sometimes I force myself 
to pull away from you 
afraid of a love 
that could crush my soul. 
I withdraw 
like the tide at sunset 
leaving behind the gasping, dying anemone 
bubbling up under the sand 
waiting for the sea to return. 

Sometimes I wonder 
does desire for me overwhelm you? 
I think in a moment we could be 
washed away by the storm 
swallowed by waves. 
Our youth, our love, our passion 
gone, leaving not even a footprint 
to mark our presence.

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