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You are the resurrection of my soul...

by Karin Boye

You are the resurrection of my soul
to ecstacy in what is real,
so the air touches me hot as fire
like a sea of glass that I feel,
and the power of my eyes,
so that numbly they catch a glimmer
of how all the colours flame out
in a drunken shimmer.

You are the strenght of my will,
you give me a fortitude
to wait and to act,
that I have never had,
Yes my senses'hunger,
that incite me and pursue,
becomes a rejoicing every day
because it is for you.

You are my life's ripeness.
You make me whole.
Out of my past now gathers
each thread and smallest dole.
On a hundred different roads
I have walked and strived.
Now they meet. It is towards you
That I have lived.

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