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Shelter in your heart...


    By James K Roberts
    Part Two
    Weave me a shelter
    in your heart
    using threads
    of love
    and silky smiles
    and I will crawl
    behind your eyes
    to look for the man
    you thought I was
    Don’t waste time
    on those words
    that have two sides
    for truth is like
    the sun
    and cannot shine
    on both sides
    at once
    Love me
    with your arms
    and legs
    and I will lay against
    your belly until you push me
    just to breathe
    or until you pull me
    just to feel
    The worst that can
    is that we’ll  say
    goodbye again
    and catch
    the next train
    to nowhere
    who knows
    maybe love
    really is more
    than meets the eye

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